Do you have a friend who is interested to join our STRONG team? That is great news!
Strong SD company offers a referral program that lets you recommend talents and get bonuses.
Join our program now.

Referral Program

About referral Program

We are always open to talented engineers, fans of what they are doing, people who desire to make this world better. We strongly believe that talented people have the same talented friends.
You can recommend your friend for any of the open vacancies and get your bonus as soon as your friend starts.

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  • How to submit a referral?
    1. To refer a friend simply complete the contact form bellow.
    2. Please note that you can submit referrals only for open positions.
  • Requirements for the referral
    1. You can submit referrals only for open positions.
    2. The candidate must be aware of the vacant position and willing to join with Strong SD.
    3. You cannot refer yourself.
    4. You must be the first person who refers the candidate.
    5. The referred candidate is not already involved in the recruitment process.
    6. Candidate profile meets requirements for the open positions.
  • What kind of bonus will you receive?
    1. You will get an appreciation bonus if you refer a person for any open position.
    2. The bonus amount depends on the position and candidate's background. For more details please refer to the career page.
    3. You may get a special bonus if you refer a friend to the ‘hot vacancy’. The bonus depends on how complex and urgent the specific position is.
    4. The bonus will be paid in UAH based on the official PrivatBank exchange rate on the date of payment
  • You will not receive the bonus if
    1. If the candidate hasn't passed the probation period successfully.
    2. If the candidate had been employed in Strong SD during the last 12 months.


Tell us more about yourself and your referral or email us at hr@strongsd.com

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