Get your bonus for each recommended client who has signed a contract with our company.
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Referral Program

About the Program

We are looking forward to long-term and reliable relationships, so we appreciate when our partners recommend our Company Our referral program is easy to join. You can find all details bellow or contact us directly in case of any questions at

your referral

are held

The contract
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The client
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  • How to submit a referral?
    1. To refer a customer or a project simply fill in the form bellow.
    2. Feel free to add any information about the projects including requirements, mock-ups, etc.
  • Requirements for the referral
    1. The referal must be aware of the recommendation and willing to cooperate with Strong SD.
    2. You cannot refer yourself.
    3. You must be the first person to refer the project/customer
    4. The recommended company should not have an active or already finished project with Strong SD.
  • What kind of bonus will you receive?
    1. The reward amount is 2% of gross income.
    2. The reward is paid once a quarter during the first year of cooperation with the customer.
  • You will not receive the bonus if
    1. The negotiation on the project has been started before your recommendation.
    2. The referred customer already cooperates with Strong SD.
    3. The contract was not signed.


Tell us more about yourself and your referral or email us at

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