Lead Generation Manager

  • Sumy, Lviv, Remote
  • 1 position
  • Full-time
  • Referral bonus: 400
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You’re a focused research specialist who can dig deep on the web, track people down, and uncover hard-to-find information. You’re systematic in your approach, and a process-driven person. You have in-depth experience with research and sourcing techniques. You get what you find into our CRM accurately, so our Sales and Marketing guys can act on the information quickly and without any additional clarification. You’ll surf the web to discover our potential clients, what their concerns are, and how we can help them. You’ll figure out what they’re up to and help us connect with them in a meaningful way. You can figure out who’s who in big and small organizations and how they relate to each other. You’re not a salesperson, but you should be ready to be the one who makes first contact (by email or social media) and starts the relationship.

  • English: B2, C1, C2;
  • A systematic, focused person who is a perfectionist about detailed record-keeping;
  • Have strong data skills, including getting unstructured information into a usable form;
  • Have an understanding and passion for the tech industry.
  • Tools:

    • MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint);
    • LinkedIn networking experience and other Social Networks;
    • Experience with Hubspot.


  • Following market research and lead generation processes;
  • Leads pre-qualification;
  • Inbound/Outbound correspondence with customers;
  • Sales Assistance activities including participation in negotiations with potential clients;
  • Learn details about products and services our clients sell and provide;
  • Identify, qualify and generate leads through cold emails and LinkedIn;
  • Investigate leads’ needs, problems and wants as much as possible before the first contact;
  • Rigorously generate and test hypothesis;
  • Constantly track and manage your progress in CRM;
  • Report to sales leader on a daily/weekly basis;

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